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Mitchell Hinman and the Hinman and Associates team were a tremendous help to my husband Raymond Teston. Raymond was diagnosed with a very rare disability called Communication Primary Progressive Aphasia, which was complicated by several brain bleeds. Raymond struggled with balance, speech and life care skills. Mitchell and his team of therapists were very aware and trained to care for Raymond but their care reach further as they equipped myself and extended family on how to best help Raymond.

Brenda T.

"Mitch Hinman was recommended to us and he has been a true God-send! He spent a great deal of time assessing my condition and designing a treatment plan that compliments my medication therapy. He is reliable, kind, and personable, and he makes the physical therapy experience both enjoyable and effective. 

As a quadriplegic resident in a long-term care facility, I needed routine, effective physical therapy in combination with medication to gain the maximum relief for spasms and atrophy. 

I highly recommend Hinman and Associates!"

Ron Owens, Ph.D.

“Communication, cooperation and teamwork between therapist, patient and caretakers are important to keep loved ones at home as long as they can possibly be.  Hard work from Mitch Hinman did that for my husband.”

Carol H. 

“Mitch is one of the best therapists.  He is very knowledgeable, very caring and compassionate.  Mitch made sure we understood why we were doing exercises and walking and what it was strengthening.  He made sure I had what we needed to take care of my husband, always very positive and truly a great person.”

Linda I.

"They took the time to get to know me, respected my wishes, listened to me and adjusted the treatment to get the best outcomes. Other therapy was lacking some of things that come so natural to the Hinman team. They are professional, considerate, always encouraging. The homecare setting was so beneficial, keeping my independence intact. I went from being chair bound to walking up to 120 feet behind a walker, exercising in the pool and I’ve even taken an airplane flight!  They gave me the courage and confidence, through therapy to get back into the world, I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m working on it!"

Douglas H.

Hinman therapists started seeing me to replace another PT company, who were unsatisfactory.  I was not making any progress, actually at less than 30% capacity.  I had no strength in my arms and legs, making even getting out of a chair undoable, much less walk.  My gait and balance were almost non-existent.

Due to the expertise and kindness of Mitch and Debbie, I am happy to report that I am now at 75% capacity.  I am now able to walk without a cane in my home.  I now have the ability to go up and down stairs, using the handrail.  They have taught me to keep the walker handy for safety.  I also had a life-threatening situation in my home, Hinman Therapy went above and beyond and helped with that also.

As far as I am concerned, Hinman & Associates is a 5 Star company that focuses on the patient instead of the dollar.  I highly recommend this group to anyone needing excellent PT.

F. Ellis

"Wingless Angels"

I love those two words. The apply to only a very few, strangers that come into our lives and leave us…with tears in our eyes. Mitch Hinman and Associates came into my life after spinal surgery and fall that left me in a coma for nine days, and almost total loss of balance. My Doctor told, “No more falls”, one fall could end my life.

 My doorbell ran the next week and Mitch Hinman came into my life. He is bigger than life, smiling, bringing with him a group of professional therapists, both occupational and physical…they smiled at me…the smile of someone you know, and trust…but have never met before. They sat down and went over my entire medical history…asking questions, taking notes and scheduling my physical therapy. When they left, they all stopped at the door, looked at me, smiled again and said, “We are yours, and we are going to make you better.” And they did.

 The therapy was focus on exactly the are on my body, no guessing, just the professional, kind, understanding…cheering me on, making me better…we laughed together, cried together, but always ensuring my safety.

I have not had a fall in two years. I know what to do, how to live my life, and enjoy my family. Words alone cannot communicate what is in your heart, I was a patient of Mitch Hinman and Associates for over two years, and they saved my life.

My last day of therapy was emotional, how do you thank a group of “Wingless Angles”. They knocked on the door as strangers and left me with the tools that I needed to be whole again. They are my friends…in my heart forever.

 I want to thank you, for entering my life. Thanks Mitch, thanks for the smile.

Harold E. Lewis

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