How We Help You:

We help people restore their independence and give them the knowledge and ability to continue improving even after the therapy has ended....and as you'll see below, we achieve these results by utilizing a wide variety of skilled therapy skills and services.

Typically, our patients are living alone at home or often are being checked on or co-inhabiting with a family member or may even reside in an assisted living or long term care facility.

Our patients often struggle with being consistent with a plan of action to reverse what has happened to them and get back to "the good ole days".

Finally, many of our clients deal with depression or hopelessness from loss of independence and loneliness. They experience restoration of life when a therapist friend comes along to help them restore their quality of life. Read below on the variety of diagnoses issues that we help with and services that we help with.


Stroke / CVA / TIA

Fractures/Orthopedic Procedures



Vertigo/Balance Disorders

Parkinson's Syndrome


Multiple Sclerosis

Impingement Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Cardiac Valve Replacement

Surgical Recovery

Partial & Total Knee Replacement

Partial & Total Hip Replacement

Cardiac surgery/Rehab

Spinal Surgery/Rehab

Prosthetics and Orthotics

Shoulder & Rotator-Cuff Repair

Post Hospitalization Recovery

Respiratory and Pulmonary Recovery

Status Post Bypass

Sprains & Strains


Balance and Joint Stability

Pulmonary Rehab

Neuro Rehab

Functional Mobility Training

Occupational Therapy (Selfcare)

Gait and Transfer Training

Fitness Programs

Wellness/Prevention Programs

Personal Training



Ultra Sound & other Modalities

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