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Here are some ways that Physical Therapy can give you the healthy, active lifestyle you desire

Your Independence

Get there. Stay there. Grow there. Regaining your independence is so important. We make sure you have the right training to keep yourself fit and healthy so you keep your independence in your home environment. Everyone's situation is different, we are able to tailor a home program that best suits you and your goals.

Balance and Mobility

Our Physical Therapists specialize in improving your balance and mobility. These are the key elements in regaining your independence and avoiding falls in the future. Fall related hip fractures account for approximately 25% of injury deaths among those over 65 years of age.

Surgical Recovery

Starting immediately upon returning home after surgery, we focus on preventing any loss of strength and ability. We strive to get you moving and restoring your mobility as quickly as possible. Getting a jump on your recovery during the first weeks home after a hospitalization are most often the key to recovery. In some cases, implementing a physical therapy program prior to having surgery is necessary to receive the best outcomes.

Fitness, Wellness & Maintenance Therapy

As we all age, it is important to stay fit and active. This can be a real challenge for most of us. That is where we come in, to your home, with a detailed plan to improve your current physical condition and work toward new goals. Or you may need ongoing Physical Therapy to maintain current function. For those confined to wheelchair or bed, our therapists can provide on-going flexibility program.

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What patients can expect:

First it starts with a simple phone consultation with our therapy coordinator, Lisa. Our initial consultation is more like a regular conversation than an medical interview. She manages every aspect of your care from setting the initial evaluation appointment, managing ongoing treatment appointments, coordination of referrals with your doctors office, and cost of services paperwork.

Next, the initial evaluation by a licensed Physical Therapist will occur and we will develop a comprehensive plan of care to ensure that you reach your individual goals. As your recovery progresses we will update and modify your plan so we can help you achieve the best results possible. 

During our therapy sessions, normally lasting a full hour, we spend time training and educating patients to maximize their quality of life. That may include as needed hands-on manual therapy techniques to loosen tight, stiff joints and stretch out muscles, or therapeutic exercises to get you stronger and more independent, and even balance training to make sure you have the best chance of avoiding future falls. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and ability to keep improving your health on your own once recovery is complete. 

What People Are Saying About Hinman & Associates

Mitchell Hinman and the Hinman and Associates team were a tremendous help to my husband Raymond Teston. Raymond was diagnosed with a very rare disability called Communication Primary Progressive Aphasia, which was complicated by several brain bleeds. Raymond struggled with balance, speech and life care skills. Mitchell and his team of therapists were very aware and trained to care for Raymond but their care reach further as they equipped myself and extended family on how to best help Raymond.

Brenda T.

"They took the time to get to know me, respected my wishes, listened to me and adjusted the treatment to get the best outcomes. Other therapy was lacking some of things that come so natural to the Hinman team. They are professional, considerate, always encouraging. The homecare setting was so beneficial, keeping my independence intact. I went from being chair bound to walking up to 120 feet behind a walker, exercising in the pool and I’ve even taken an airplane flight!  They gave me the courage and confidence, through therapy to get back into the world, I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m working on it!"

Douglas H.

We want to create the attitude of, "I can do it myself. I can be independent again!" Demonstrating strength, dignity, and earning respect they deserve in life. Our patients typically lack the knowledge and ability to carry out a recovery plan by themselves. Our team helps build both the patient's plan and knowledge and then helps them execute it.

- Message from Mitch Hinman

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